Tokenomics/Economic component of the platform

Relictum token is a digital asset created based on the Relictum PRO blockchain network. We offer you several types of tokens corresponding to national currencies and which are pegged to them: USDR token is the equivalent of the US dollar.

A token is a digital asset, and that means it can easily move across the blockchain, and you get complete freedom of action, which will not happen with fiat money.

Both individuals, traders, and companies can be our clients. Everyone can find some benefit in using Relictum Finance.

The only limit is your imagination. You can use your tokens wherever digital currency can be used, and its scope is only growing day by day. We believe that one day crypto assets will be as affordable as money and securities familiar to everyone.

Wrapped tokens

Wrapped tokens Tokenomic Model

Genesis tokens GTN

Tokenomics model of GTN tokens

Stable token USDR

USDR Stable Token Tokenomic Model

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