How to install Relictum Pro node on MacOS?

  1. First, download a node. Go to the Download page, and in the Node for PC section, click the Download for MacOS button.

2. When the installation file is downloaded, open the *.pkg file.

Attention! Standard double-clicking to open a file will result in a warning of no access to open this file, according to standard system security settings for all Apple products.3.

3. In order to open the file and install the node on your Macbook, click the *.pkg file with the right mouse button or touchpad, and select the Open item from the drop-down menu. This action provides access to the installation.

4. Next, click the Open button again.

5. During the installation process, the system will ask for permission to install again, in accordance with the Apple security policy procedure.

6. When the node is installed, you will see the same system confirmation from MacOS.

7. Congratulations, the Relictum Pro software has been installed on your Macbook.

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