Instructions for importing GTN tokens from your personal account to the node

ATTENTION! Before importing tokens from your account to a node, make sure that you have saved the private key from the node account!

If this key is not saved, you must upload and save the private key of the account, to which you will import your tokens!

Otherwise, in case you lose access to this account after importing tokens, you will lose access to all your funds on the account entirely. And that is irrevocable!

ALL the tokens available in your account will be sent to the node. After importing, you can distribute the tokens between several accounts by sending them to various wallets within the RedictumPro ecosystem.

By purchasing GTN tokens after import, the procedure for importing newly acquired tokens to a node must be repeated.

The procedure for importing tokens is as follows:

1. Run the node and select the minnet.

2. Log in to your existing account.

3. Go to the main tab and click the Import button.

4. A dialog opens, you must click the Go to Import button in it.

5. Enter the data from the account on the website in the tab that opens:

Account name – your email address on which the account is registered on the website

Your password – password from the account on the website

Two-factor code – code from two-factor identification

And click the Authorization button

6. In the dialog that opens, you will see the total number of tokens on your balance.

Click the Import GTN button.

7. Read the rules for importing GTN tokens, the Token Import and Transfer Policy, check the boxes, confirming that you have read and agree to the conditions in full, and click on the Confirm button

8. Click the Continue button

The GTN import procedure will be semi-automatic in Relictum.Main.Net, comprising two stages. At the first stage, a participant will have to form a request to import GTNs in a node, and at the second stage, the Relictum Pro team will check the generated request, and confirm it. Then our team will send a request to the GTN owner node to complete the transfer transaction requested by an account.

As soon as the team confirms the procedure, the tokens will appear on your balance.


Your tokens have been successfully imported and are awaiting confirmation by the administrator of the transfer.

You can find out the status of a transaction in your account (


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