The request allows you to create a USDR purchase order for the selected cryptocurrency. The response contains information about the created order, including the created order ID, which must be saved. After the end user transfers funds to the address received in the response, USDRs will be transferred to the specified address of the Relictum network automatically, and the status of the created transaction will change, and the cryptobank will notify you about that fact with a callback request to the URL specified in the settings of your API key.

Response sample

Content-Type: application/json

// Options

	"currency": "USDT-TRX",
	"sum": "200",
	"relictum": "relictum_recipient_wallet_address",
	"email": "test@relictum.finance"

// Response

         "title":"USDT Tron",
            "title":"Tether Tron TRC-20",
      "created_at":"2021-08-16 16:30:48",
      "updated_at":"2021-08-16 16:30:48",
  • relictum — The address to which USDR will be sent.

  • email — End user's email address.

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