When transactions not only get to the network but also blocks are written to each node when they return

  • Own added modification of SHA1-based hashing algorithm;

  • No problems of consensus (there are no problems and issues related to the solution of various ambiguities such as collisions, double waste, etc.);

  • А block hash collision may occur in 100 years, due to the continuous numbering of each block in Master_Chain;

  • Size (weight) of the node ranging from 120 to 300 bytes; according to calculations, in 20 years the registry weight can reach 1 GB if you work with the bitcoin mode intensit

  • Full-featured real nodes in smartphones. That is in favor of full decentralization a full distributed registry independent of third-party servers and services;

  • Еhe ability to store global data in a decentralized distributed repository the choice of each participant to provide hard disk space and receive a commission;

  • Full-cranked smart contract of accounting and logistics (for example: from planting a coffee bush – transporting – selling coffee – to accounting for a cup of coffee consumed by the end user)

  • The following smart contracts are currently implemented:

  1. Signature of the document

  2. Token generation

  3. Storage of tokens

  4. Conducting transactions

  • A fully functional portfolio for the user was formed (own decentralized exchange; cryptocurrencies exchange; own platform for holding ICO, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin wallet).

  • The problems expressed by Nick Sabo are solved: when the in-house system of biometric face recognition generates a permanent unique hash of a person which is a private key during a transaction confirmation.

  • The results achieved for 1,000,000 people with identification accuracy of 99.99999%. After the release of the Alpha version, the calculated optimal amount of the definition of a person’s face without intersection is 1 billion.

  • A new _HyperNet system is being tested; it differs from the current organization of the blockchain network (peer-to-peer P2P networks)

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