It is not necessary to use this request if you correctly process callback requests from the cryptobank to update transaction statuses, but it allows you to check the current status of any transaction in the cryptobank at any time

Response sample

Content-Type: application/json

// example
         "title":"USDT Tron",
            "title":"Tether Tron TRC-20",
      "created_at":"2021-08-16 16:30:48",
      "updated_at":"2021-08-16 16:30:48",
  • <id> — Order ID in the cryptobank.

Possible values of the status field:

  • 0 – New transaction

  • 1 – Transaction paid success

  • 2 – Transaction canceled

  • 3 – Transaction is pending moderation

  • 5 – An error occurred while processing a transaction.

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