How to create an account in a Relictum Pro node on Mac OS?

  1. Launch the Relictum Pro node from the Launchpad menu or from the Application section in Finder. To make it more convenient, move both nodes to the Docker panel.

2. After the first launch, you will see the background information for operations with the application, and before you start working with the node, please read the rules and confirm your agreement.

3. The first step is to transfer the node to the MainNET network from the test network. To do this, select the mainnet network in the switch.

4. After the node connects to the main network; you have to create an account in the application. Scroll down the screen and press the Create Account button.

5. Use only a real e-mail and do not tell anyone the password for your account.

6. Attention! The Relictum Pro team strongly recommends you to generate a private key for your account so as not to lose access to it in the future. Just click the Export private key button.

7. To generate a private key, enter a PIN code (from 4 to 8 digits) and click the Generate button.

8. Your private key will be generated immediately. You can save it to a file or copy it to some safe place. Attention! Do not forget your PIN; otherwise, you will not be able to decrypt a private key during further import.

9. After saving your PIN and private key anywhere (or in a file), take care of their further anonymity.

10. Return to the main screen of the Relictum Pro application and click the Login button.

11. In the account list, select the one you need, click the Login button and enter the password you provided during registration.

12. Congratulations! You have successfully created a Relictum Pro account, logged in, and connected the ĸ node of the mainnet!

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