Terms and conditions of access to RELICTUM PRO TESTNET

The important step on the way of any technology company is the period of product launching in a test mode with the ability to access an audience aimed at getting to know the product, exploring all its capabilities, as well as identifying shortcomings and various inaccuracies.

This period always goes through several stages, the main purpose of which is to check the operability of all system nodes for a large number of users, to receive feedback from the first users about all inaccuracies and minor flaws.

The launch of RELICTUM PRO TESTNET will be carried out in several phases, stages.

  1. At the first stage, nodes and other important components, as well as limited access to the network through a mobile application based on the Android platform, will be provided to all registered users who purchased GTN tokens to check the operability of all network.

  2. In the second stage, applications for other platforms, such as Windows, Ios and Mac OS X, which are already undergoing the debugging phase and are being prepared for release, will be gradually added.

  3. At the third stage, access will be expanded for a wider audience after checking by all users already registered, and having purchased GTN tokens, besides changes, will be added, as well as corrections and improvements found earlier during application operation.

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