N-dimensional model of smart-contracts

Relictum Pro is an endless distributed registry with a developed system of smart contracts describing more than 80% of significant events in a person’s daily life

Thanks to the possibility of smart contracts, an n-dimensional (4-dimensional) chain arise; when new type-properties of smart contracts appear, for example, in case of automatic conclusion of a transaction between several participants, when the chain is automatically closed, and a transaction is concluded between all participants (up to 10 transactions).

Also, the following properties arise:

  • The possibility of the intersection of smart contracts and, thus, descriptions of the full typeproperties of the product (the possibility of combining smart contracts into one, forming a "LINE of description").

  • A blockchain remembers everything – this is an opportunity to get a virtual portrait of a person and, if desired, a participant can make a full sample of various aspects of their life (how much money they spend, what they listen to, what they watch and so on).

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