How to create an account in a Relictum Pro node on Windows?

  1. Download the app from the website.

  2. Transfer the file from the Download folder to any other convenient location. The file must be transferred in any case.

  3. Open the file.

  4. Install the app.

  5. Carefully read the information provided by the app for the first launch.

  6. Read and confirm, by ticking the checkboxes, the Terms, and Conditions.

7. Scroll down the text and click the Get Started button.

8. Change the network type from test to basic. To do this, click the testnet text and select mainnet at the top of the screen.

9. Click the Create button.

10. Fill out the fields, read the user agreement, and tick the box, confirming your agreement with all the terms of these regulations. Then click the Create Account button.

11. The account has been created. Now export the private key — click the Export private key button.

12. Create and write down a pin code. Enter it in the PIN field and click the Generate button. Now you’ve got the key.

13. Scroll down and save the key by clicking the Save to file... button

14. After uploading the file, click the Skip button and get into the account login dialog.

15. Click your created account, enter the password and click the Login button.

16. Congratulations, the node is installed, and the account is created.

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