Distinctive features and advantages

The number of possible embedded smart contracts is not limited in number and in time.

Cryptocurrency is one chain of smart contracts; tokens are the second chain of smart contracts; the third chain of smart contracts is operations in cryptoexchanges

New properties emerge in the operation of all smart contracts in Relictum Pro developed by smart contracts:

  1. The possibility of the intersection of smart contracts, thus describing a more complete typeproperties of the goods

  2. A blockchain remembers everything is an opportunity to get a virtual portrait of a person and, if desired, a participant can make a full sample on various aspects of their life activity.

System Description

The system consists of:

  • Nodes (can be installed on servers, computers, smartphones – these are nodes;

  • HyperNet delivery method;

  • Distributed storage.

Relictum Pro is a self-organizing, self-developing network, which is expressed in the constant self-ranking of nodes according to several criteria with the assignmen.


  • Number of full calls to the node's storage;

  • Presence in the network and falling out of the node both by the number of times and by time;

  • Number of transactions initiated;

  • Number of transactions passing through the node.

Relictum Pro has several major features:

  • Smart contracts are used to formalize any type of activity where an event occurs;

  • Smart contract independently monitors whether some particular terms of the contract were fully implemented. At the same time, thanks to the Relictum Pro system itself, the code is absolutely protected from any third-party intervention;

  • That is, no attacker can change the source code of a smart contract between two (or more) nodes;

  • It is an opportunity to conduct operations with different types of smart contracts;

  • Possibility to generate new smart contracts with new type-properties or property-types;

  • In our system, a smart contract can be concluded at the same time between 10 contractors;

  • The weight (size) of a single block in Relictum Pro is about 120 bytes, which is 8000 times less, compared to, for example, Bitcoin.

The bitcoin block size is 8000 times bigger than our block size

It is not advisable to accommodate all transactions that cannot be placed in a single block in a single block. This leads to a decrease in the speed of data processing, a decrease in the speed of data transfer, as well as a decrease in the speed of searching for the necessary information.

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